July 2024 Product Update

Updated by Cassidy Chassagne

We’re excited to announce some awesome updates that will make running any fundraising OR voter contact programs on Switchboard that much easier this cycle.

BETA✨ Branched Scripting

We know that building out scripts for your volunteers reduces headaches and errors, saves time on data collection, and improves the overall experience for everyone on your team. You can now upload branched scripts into Switchboard for a speedy bulk creation process, associate responses with labels to help track data from volunteer conversations, and give volunteers an easy interface to follow as they reply to supporters in their inboxes. 

Branched scripting is currently in beta, but we would love for you to try it out! If you are interested in learning more about using Switchboard for your voter contact program, curious how branched scripting can save you time, or just want to see what we are working on, reply to this email and we can give you early access to branched scripting and/or schedule a demo!

Inbox Enhancements

We have been working hard to improve our infrastructure so your experience across Switchboard is smooth, fast, and dependable, no matter the size of your program. Especially as we are getting close to Election Day, we know how important it is that accounts can reliably load thousands of Message Threads and millions of phone numbers on the All Phones page. Programs of every size should now notice significantly improved load times when using the inbox.

Increased Sending Speeds

We’ve been extremely busy working on our own infrastructure and our vendor relationships to offer unparalleled capacity, speed, and stability this cycle. By default, we leave most customers sending at a moderate speed to allow you to get messages out quickly while retaining control if you want to edit or stop a send. If you ever need us to make things faster for you, let us know! The nature of the texting ecosystem makes it hard for us to make firm guarantees of exact speeds at all times, but we can go much faster than the default in most cases and are happy to talk through your needs and make sure we are sending at a speed that satisfies them, including on important deadlines–so just send us a note if this is on your mind.

Improved email targeting to email service providers (ESPs)

If you are troubleshooting a deliverability issue, or proactively working to maintain your reputation, our new ESP filter helps you better target specific groups of emails as you are building your lists. 

Been using Switchboard for a while? Don’t forget these awesome features:
  1. Use Labels to send data back to NGPVAN: You can set up any Switchboard label with an action so you can send data back to NGPVAN automatically. 
  2. Set up an NGPVAN integration in Organization Settings: You can request an API integration in your NGPVAN account and connect it to Switchboard all by yourself, in just a few steps! Once the API key is in your Switchboard account, the integration is ready to use immediately. 
  3. Customize permissions for volunteers: Switchboard makes it easy to manage a big team and pick and choose just how much access to give to your team. Inviting volunteers? We recommend giving them Basic User access to the inbox:

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