Daily Volume Allotment

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Switchboard strives to be your deliverability partner, across both your texting and email programs. In order to help you run a healthy email program, there will be a ceiling to the number of emails you can send each day. This is to help you protect your program’s deliverability — now, if you accidentally press send on a 100k email list without realizing, it won’t tank your program overnight!

How does this work?

When you get your new Switchboard email account, you need to warm up your domain on our shared IPs. We recommend most programs start at 50 emails on their first day. From there, the volume allotment will be twice your previous maximum delivered emails (within the past 30 days). If you are bringing over a warm domain with a strong reputation, we are happy to work with you to increase your volume allotment when you onboard.

What happens if I don’t send email for a month?

If your program is dormant, deliverability experts highly recommend ramping up your volume again since email service providers typically like to see very consistent sending patterns (ideally more than once a week). So, if you have not sent email for 30 days, your volume allotment will decrease to 50% of your previous maximum blast size. If you have not sent email for 60 days, your volume allotment will decrease to 25% of your previous maximum blast size. And if you haven’t sent in 90+ days, you’ll need to ramp up again starting at 50-200 emails. ****

What if I send a blast to 5000 email addresses but my volume allotment is only 2000?

The blast will only send 2000 emails today, and the rest of the 3000 emails will go out tomorrow. The time the emails will go out will be based on the sending hours you have set on your organization settings page.

Help, I need to get a big blast out ASAP!

Please email support@oneswitchboard.com. We can discuss options to get more emails out and the potential risk to your program. If you insist on sending more emails than is advisable, we may move you to our lower reputation IP pool or require you use a dedicated IP. This is to protect the sending reputation of the vast majority of our users who are on our shared IP pools.

What if I’m on a dedicated IP?

If you’re on a dedicated IP, you are responsible for your domain and IP reputation, so we are happy to turn off these guardrails if requested.

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