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Labels can be used to tag contacts with information. For example, you may use Grassroots Donor to a contact that gives under $100 to your organization. You can then use these labels in various parts of Switchboard. On the Phone List Page, you can create a new phone list that includes/excludes contacts with specific labels. On the Message Threads Page, you can filter contacts to just those with specific labels.

If your NGPVAN/Votebuilder is connected to Switchboard, you can configure a label to take an action (apply an activist code, survey question, or canvass result) when it is applied to a contact.

This resource will show you how to create these labels and how to sync them with your NGPVAN.

Create a New Label
  1. From the Messaging Home Page, click Labels.
  2. Click Add Label.
  3. A new window will pop up. Here, you will name your label and click Submit when you are done.
Your keywords linked to your automated messages will automatically populate as a label as well.
Sync Labels with NGP VAN
  1. After you created a label, click on the name of the label you want to add an action to.
  2. Under Update Actions, you can toggle the drop down options to either take no action, apply an activist code, apply a survey question, apply a canvass result.
  3. After you click what action you’d like to take, another drop down will populate where you can pick which specific activist code/survey response/ canvass response you’d like to take. See examples for each type of label action below:
  1. After you apply the action, going forward, the contacts you apply these labels to in Switchboard will get the associated action in NGP/VAN in about 10-20 minutes after you apply the label. If you apply the label by accident and remove it immediately, it will not sync to NGP/VAN. If you applied the label in Switchboard to someone before you set up this NGP/VAN action, we won't apply it retroactively. However, if you apply the same label again, we will apply it at that point.
Uploading a CSV Label
  1. After you upload your CSV, click select your label.
  2. This will open a drop down of all your labels. Select which label you would like to be applied to all contacts in this list.
  3. Once you are done, click Create and Close.

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