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Invoices are sent on the 3rd, for usage from the prior month. There are two options for payment terms:

  • Due on Receipt - your payment method will be charged three business days later.
  • Net30 - your invoice is due 30 days after you receive it and you can pay us via direct bank transfer (ACH/Wire) or check.

Payments for $1,000 or more must be made with a bank account (ACH/Wire) or check. If you'd still like to pay by card, you can use this link (need to be logged in to access). Email us at with any questions.

Your Billing Page:

Payment Methods

  • You can always send at least once broadcast without putting a payment method on file. Then, most organizations will be asked to put a payment method on file. You can add a card or bank account. If you add a bank account, our payment processor (Stripe) may send microdeposits for you to verify. They will send you an email to complete this process (takes a few business days).
  • If you have Net30 payment terms, we do not require a payment method on file. Customers that have a good history of prompt payment are granted Net30 payment terms - please reach out to us at if you have any questions.

Invoice Recipients / Billing Admin

  • Invoices and payment receipts will be sent to the invoice recipients each month. You can list as many emails as you'd like.
  • There can only be one billing admin. Automated emails from Stripe if you are verifying a bank account connection, will be sent to the billing admin only.


  • The balance is calculated as the difference in your “Credits” (i.e. any payment you have submitted or any Switchboard credits you have received) and "Charges" (i.e. cost of messages sent from your account).
    • You can view itemized charges and credits further down on the page.
  • For example: If you spent $1000 on Switchboard, received $30 in credit when you opened your account, and recently paid an invoice for $500. Your current balance would be $470.


  • You can download any current or past invoices here. The status will tell you if the invoice has been marked as paid in our system.

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