Warming Up Your Email Program

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IP and Domain Warm up

Warming up IP and domain reputation is a crucial process for organizations that are beginning or significantly altering their email programs (i.e. moving ESPs or changing domains). A gradual approach helps build your IP reputation, domain reputation, and overall sender reputation, ultimately improving the chances of emails reaching recipients' inboxes.

When you get started with Switchboard, you won’t be able to send a million messages on the first day. Even if your mail provider does not limit sending, a good email program will always have a ramp up period before sending to their full list.

In general, we recommend new accounts start with 50 emails on their first day and double that volume each day. In just two weeks, you can be hundreds of thousands of emails a day! Read more about how our volume allotment makes warming up a program easy. Reach out if you have questions -- we can work with you to discuss a warm-up plan for your program.

Tracking Deliverability with Switchboard

As a part of onboarding, Switchboard will help you access Google Postmaster Tools (GPT) and provide a detailed deliverability report that outlines key metrics for your email program(s). In addition, you will be able to track engagement rates by domain for your email blasts. Here is an example:

Switchboard is available to answer your deliverability questions and to help you track your sender reputation over time. However, at the end of the day, maintaining domain reputation and contributing positively to IP reputations is the responsibility of the person/firm running the email program.

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