Forms + Reusable Fields

Updated by Alexis Salcedo

When you create a new Switchboard form, by default, a few elements will be included. You can remove these by clicking the trash on the right hand side if you don’t need these on your form.

If a recipient gives you a cell or email that you already have and fills out any of these elements: first name, last name, and ZIP code, the reusable fields associated with that cell phone number or email address will be updated.

See more about Switchboard Reusable Fields here. If you want to pre-fill the cell or email, check out these instructions.

Regardless of what you change the label or field ID to for any of these fields, the response will be saved as sb_first_name, sb_last_name, and sb_zip_code.

Example: If you want to only ask for first name then have an open text input field, for example, you should add a new question by clicking the Text Input button, instead of changing the label / field ID for Last name.

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