Tools to Monitor Email Deliverability

Updated by Justine Hong

  • Switchboard Email Dashboard [FREE]: Switchboard will provide a free analytics dashboard that gives you as close to real time data on how your email program is performing. If you have multiple email programs on Switchboard, you will be able to see data by domain, individual email blast and more. This is free with any Switchboard email account.
  • Google Postmaster [FREE]: Google Postmaster Tools (GPT) is a free service provided by Google. It offers valuable insights and metrics to help track and analyze email deliverability specifically for emails sent to Gmail users. GPT tracks the following insights: Domain Reputation Scores, Spam Rate monitoring, Authentication status monitoring (DKIM, SPF, etc), and more. They also now have a compliance dashboard that lets you know if you are passing or failing the new 2024 sender requirements. When you join Switchboard, we will be sure to add you to GPT directly if you do not already have access. Our email dashboard will also show you the GPT reputation and spam rate data.
  • Check your DMARC Reports [FREE]: all larger volume email programs should be checking DMARC reports over time!
  • Inbox Monster: Inbox Monster is a service that helps email programs test and optimize their email campaigns for deliverability. It provides tools to check for common issues that can affect email deliverability such as spam triggers, broken links, and rendering problems across different email clients and devices. It also helps you manage domain reputation trends, seed lists, and IP reputation over time.
  • GlockApps: GlockApps offers a suite of email deliverability tools designed to monitor and improve email campaign performance. It provides features like email testing, spam testing, inbox placement testing, and DMARC monitoring to help email programs identify and address deliverability issues proactively.
  • Validity Everest: Validity Everest is a comprehensive email deliverability platform that helps organizations monitor, diagnose, and improve their email deliverability. It offers tools for reputation monitoring, inbox placement testing, email authentication, and domain health monitoring to ensure emails reach the intended recipients' inboxes.
  • Mail Reach: Mail Reach is an email deliverability solution that focuses on improving inbox placement rates for email programs. It provides features like inbox monitoring, domain health monitoring, and reputation monitoring to help marketers identify and resolve deliverability issues and optimize their email campaigns for better performance.
  • MXToolbox: MXToolbox is a multi-purpose toolset for email infrastructure management. It offers various features including DNS lookup, blacklisting monitoring, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC analysis, and SMTP diagnostics. These tools help organizations diagnose and resolve email deliverability issues effectively.
    Switchboard uses CNAME not MX/TXT records to setup domains on our platform. This tool will potentially show failures for CNAME DNS records, please keep that in mind if you decide to use this tool.
  • Litmus: Litmus is a popular email testing and analytics platform that helps email programs create, test, and analyze email campaigns. It offers features like email rendering testing across different email clients and devices, spam testing, and email analytics to ensure emails are optimized for deliverability and engagement.
  • Email on Acid: Email on Acid provides email testing and analytics solutions for email programs. It offers features like email rendering testing, spam testing, and email analytics to help email programs identify and fix deliverability issues and optimize their email campaigns for better performance across different email clients and devices.

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