Broadcast Stats

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  1. After you send your message, another section will appear below “Send Test Messages to Yourself or Your Team.” Here, you will be able to see the status and stats of your broadcast.
    1. Previously Opted Out: List contacts who had already opted out before the send.
    2. Skipped: Numbers that are not valid phone numbers, or were tried previously and errored due to being a landline or unreachable.
    3. Queued by Switchboard: Messages waiting to be processed by Switchboard. We aim to process them as fast as our provider's rate limits allow.
    4. Queued or Sending In Progress by Our Provider: Messages queued by our provider. We aim to keep this small, to allow manual replies to be delivered faster, and give us more flexibility to pause/resume.
    5. Failed to Deliver: Messages that failed during delivery. This might occur if texting a landline, or if carriers filter messages for spam.
    6. Delivered: Messages that were sent successfully. In some cases, we learn that a message that was initially marked as “delivered” was actually filtered by a carrier, so we'll update it to “Failed to Deliver” as soon as we receive that change in status.
  2. You will also be able to see the stats from your broadcast:
    1. Clicks: How many people clicked the link you sent. This is only trackable if you link your Switchboard shortlink.
    2. Donations: How many donations this broadcast received. This is only trackable if you have connected ActBlue and Switchboard. If you have not yet linked your ActBlue and Switchboard accounts, email
    3. $ Raised (ROI): This will track the amount of money raised from this broadcast. This is only trackable if you have integrated your ActBlue and Switchboard accounts. If you have not yet linked your ActBlue and Switchboard, email
    4. Cost Estimate: This is our estimate of the cost to you of the messages that have gone out so far, to help you get a sense of ROI during and after the send has gone out. It's an estimate because sometimes we learn later on that a small percentage of messages actually didn't send correctly, and we don't charge you for those (but this estimator doesn't know how many of those there will be yet).
    5. Opt Outs: This is the number of new opt outs from this broadcast.

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