NGP Integration with Switchboard

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Switchboard offers free integrations with NGP, VAN, EveryAction, and ActBlue. This resource will go over the benefits of integrations and how you can get the integrations set up with Switchboard.
Benefits of Integrating with NGP, VAN, EveryAction

By integrating with NGP, VAN, and/or EveryAction, you will be able to:

  • Pull lists directly from your NGP account(s)
  • Configure labels to take an action (apply an activist code, survey question, or canvass result) when it is applied to a contact
Request API Key + App Name

To connect your NGPVAN account with Switchboard, you first need to request an API Key.

You can have multiple accounts on Switchboard if you want multiple keys!
  1. Go to the Main Menu of your Account and search “API” in the Search box in the upper lefthand corner. Click on API Integrations, then click “Request an API Key.”
  2. When requesting the key, request it for “Leftapps Switchboard”, then select your support@ for NGPVAN, usually this is the state data director, but any email here can help you out!
  3. Once you request the API key via your account or email, you will have to wait for NGPVAN to get back to you. Either they will email you with the API Key information or the information will appear in the same part of your account where you requested it.
IMPORTANT: If “LeftApps Switchboard” is not popping up in the drop-down menu, email the NGP support person directly, and ask them for the “LeftApps Switchboard” key specifically. They will know who we are and can fulfill that request for you via email.
  1. Once you have the API key and app name, you can add it to your Switchboard account.
Add Your API Key and App Name to Switchboard
  1. Go to your Organization Settings in Switchboard.
  2. Click NGPVAN.
  3. To add a new key, click Add Key at the bottom of the page.
  4. Choose your database, and paste in your app name and API Key. Optionally, provide a description of your key. Then click Save.
  • App name will typically look something like DNC.00001.leftapps
  • API Key will typically be a long code with a lot of dashes.
Make your NGPVAN List Appear in Switchboard

After you connect NGPVAN to Switchboard, you have to give Switchboard access to the saved lists you want to appear in your Switchboard account.

  1. Log in to NGPVAN/Votebuilder – Go to the side of Votebuilder (MyCampaign or MyVoters) that you have an API key setup with Switchboard. Then, click on my folders:
  2. Find the folder you want to share with Switchboard and click into it.
  • If you do NOT have a folder setup yet, you can create a new folder when saving the list:

  1. Click Edit Folder
  2. Scroll down to User Access. Find “API User, LeftApps NGP” under Users without Access. Click “API User, LeftApps NGP” (it will become highlighted blue) and click the “Add” button.
  3. This moves “API User, LeftApps NGP” to the column with Access. Make sure to click Save!
  1. Now any list you save in this folder will appear in Switchboard.
Your lists must be saved as Saved Lists. A Saved Search will not work.
  1. Once you are ready to save your list in VAN, click Save List As.
  1. Select Saved List and then click Save.
  2. Name your list and save it into the same folder you shared to “API User, LeftApps NGP.”
  3. Now this list will be available for you in Switchboard!
Import Your NGP, VAN, EveryAction List Into Switchboard

After you've followed the above instructions to get your integration set up ✅ and to share your lists with Switchboard ✅, you can import your list from your NGP product into Switchboard and start texting those folks!

  1. Click the New Audience button from the Phone Audiences or Broadcast pages and then click Import from NGPVAN.
  2. This will open up a new window for you to select the list that you want to import into Switchboard.
  3. Once you've selected your list, click Create and Close, and it will take a few minutes to process. Please note that the larger your list, the longer it takes for the list to process.
Not Seeing Your List in the Above Step? Below are the Frequently Made Mistakes:
  • You saved your list as a saved search not a saved list.
    • In order for NGPVAN to be able to import the list to Switchboard, you must save your list as a static saved list in the NGPVAN side.
  • Your integration is for a different tool.
    • Switchboard offers multiple integrations to NGP products within one account but you must add each individual API Key and App name to Switchboard in order for that works. That includes adding an integration for the MyCampaign side and MyVoters side of Votebuilder separately!
  • You did not share the folder to the Switchboard API.
    • Go back to the section Make your NGPVAN List Appear in Switchboard to make sure this is done correctly!
  • Still not seeing your list? Email and we will help you troubleshoot!
Create and Sync Labels with NGPVAN

Labels can be used to tag contacts with information. For example, you may use Grassroots Donor to tag contacts that give under $100 to your organization. You can then use these labels in various parts of Switchboard. On the Phone List Page, you can create a new phone list that includes/excludes contacts with specific labels. On the Message Threads Page, you can filter contacts to just those with specific labels.

If your NGPVAN/Votebuilder account is connected to Switchboard, you can configure a label to take an action (apply an activist code, survey question, or canvass result) when it is applied to a contact.

Create a New Label

  1. From the Messaging Home Page, click Labels.
  2. Click Add Label.
  3. A new window will pop up. Name your label and click Submit when you are done.
Labels are also automatically created for: keywords, form responses, and opt-outs.

Create Action to Sync Label with NGPVAN

Labels can only sync back to NGPVAN if a list has been imported directly from NGPVAN at least one time. They will not sync back if you only upload a list as a CSV with VANIDs attache.
  1. After you have created a label, click on the label you want to add an action to.
  2. Under Update Actions, you can choose to apply an activist code, apply a survey question, or apply a canvass result.
  3. After you select the action you’d like to take, another drop down will populate where you can pick which specific activist code/survey response/ canvass response you’d like to take. See examples below:v

  1. After you select the action, moving forward, the contacts you apply these labels to in Switchboard will get the associated action in NGPVAN within about 10-20 minutes after you apply the label. If you apply the label by accident and remove it immediately, it will not sync to NGPVAN.
If you applied the label in Switchboard to someone before you set up this NGPVAN action, we won't apply it retroactively. However, if you apply the same label again, we will apply it at that point.

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